Friday, August 18, 2017

Hello August

We had an evening of really nice weather a few weeks ago so I decided to take NG to the park.  I googled 'parks near me' because I'm still not totally familiar with the area and found a park just a few minutes from us.  It was a nice surprise!
We spent more time at the library and then I was dying for a Peachy Keen Tea from Savoy Tea.  Unfortunately Savoy is located downtown near the square and we had to park forever away and walk.  But the drink was worth it and my date didn't seem to mind the walk. 

We took Nora to the splash pad one evening and the August weather was so cool, she actually only lasted about 5 minutes in the water and then was ready to hit up the playground.
The ice cream truck came to the park!

Park time and a bomb pop!
We met my sisters and mom at the water park a few weeks ago.
Nora loved playing with her cousins.....
 and we're (well mainly Nora) sad that the park is already closed for the summer!

We went to a birthday party for friends Creed and Koen a few weeks ago.  Their mom rented bounce houses
and had lots of cupcakes.  I think Nora ate on three...not sure if it was because they were so delicious or if it was because each cupcake had a dinosaur on top!  Now she's wanting a dinosaur themed party when she turns three in a few months!
On hot days when this momma just can't handle the heat, we go on lunch dates to Sam's and shop around at some of our favorite places!

Nora's cousin Hayes started kindergarten but we got to spend his last day of summer break together.  Nora had the most fun playing on the trampoline and now she says she's getting one!
 Nora looked extra cute ready for church one rainy Sunday morning.
Next up is our mini end of summer trip to Branson and then I'll have several August birthdays to post about!!!  

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

July Wrap-up

So August is half way over and it's time to at least post about the rest of July.  My mom was working in the area a few weeks ago and stayed at the Inn at the Mill.  After dinner we went by to snap a few pictures....
because the inn has some neat backdrops.

Nora ended up getting to spend the night with her Gigi at the hotel.  Since I've been staying home with Nora all summer, we've pretty much spent every waking hour together and so I was a little lost without her.  I didn't sleep good that night at all.  She had a blast though and didn't miss me at all.

She has grown sooooo much the last few months.  I was looking at videos on my phone and it's crazy how much bigger she looks and how much better her speech is.  The child never stops talking and singing.  She knows she's big stuff now and insists on doing things such as pushing the adult size shopping cart through Wal-Mart.  We recently moved the crib and some other furniture out of Nora's room to start preparing the for the little guy on the way.  So she now has a big girl bed and I'm still working on a few final touches and then I'll share pictures of her updated room!
Cody brought home the t-shirt Nora is wearing in the picture below from a sales rally at the bank.  It says "Arvest has all my money" so she wore it one day to be a walking billboard for dad.

Cody took Nora to the movies one evening to see Minions.  I didn't want to go just because I am not a Minions fan and Nora did think it was super fun to do something with just I got another little break from motherhood and again, I didn't know what to do with myself.

We've had a few busy weeks of doing as many summer activities possible before the weather changes and little bro arrives.....which is still three months away but I know (or at least I hope) that those three months fly by!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Birthdays, Friends, & the Peach Festival

It's such a busy time of year and it was almost impossible to find a time for us to get together and celebrate my friend Shay's birthday.  But we finally found a time to do lunch at Umami's (because I'm not the only one that looooves this place).
And pregnant girls need cake! Nora went with me to Rick's Bakery to grab a cake and she was dying to get Shay anything with Dora the Explorer, My Little Pony, or Trolls but I finally convinced her the one seen below should work fine!
After lunch, Nora and I went to an ob visit to check on the little guy.  He's doing just fine and we'll get to see him on the 4-D ultrasound at our next visit!  
Next, we met up with friends for a yogurt playdate!
Nora Grace talks about being a big sister like Laiken.

She remembers us visiting Macy Kate in the hospital when she was born and we tell her that will happen for her in a few months when it's time for our baby to come out of my belly.  
She seems pretty excited about her role as a big sister but I'm thinking that may all change once he gets here and she's no longer the leading star of the show at casa de Black.
The peach festival was a few week-ends ago and although I constantly complain about being hot and do everything I can to stay out of the heat, I wanted to take Nora for a brief period of time!  We walked around the square, I had to get one of the grossly overpriced lemonades that are literally the best ever (because they use 1/2 a cup of sugar in each serving), and Cody and Nora rode around in the sketchy looking train.  She loved it and Cody said she waved at everyone they passed.
We took her the bounce house area briefly.
And then met up with her cousins to watch the parade.  She received tons of candy and squealed with delight every time people threw candy at her.  
We all went to dinner after the parade and then we had to run home for a birthday celebration for Sydney.  She turned nine years old!!!
I used to buy the dogs something special for their birthdays and make them a yummy treat but I have scaled back on their celebrations.  This year, Sydney got to eat one of Nora's suckers from the parade and eat crushed ice from our drinks at dinner.  I know that doesn't seem like much but this dog looooooves ice.  If she hears us crunching on ice, she will get right in your face till we share so ice as a birthday treat was awesome for this little dog!
A nine year old Sydney means she's been with us for eight years now!  Syd has never liked children and we worried how she would do when we first brought Nora into the house.  She stayed away when NG was younger but they've become pretty good buddies lately.  Nora enjoys playing fetch with her and Syd will let NG give hugs until she's had enough and then she will growl to get the toddler to leave her alone.  Overall, their relationship is much better than I ever imagined!
It's time to get ready for another round of birthday celebrations......August is another big month for birthdays!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer Week-ends & everything in between

So here's a post with a whole lot of randomness from our summer.  My blog is basically my diary of what's been going on in our lives so here we go.......
We've enjoyed going to the summer movie program at the theater
And gelato dates with friends
We went to the orchard to pick peaches!
And NG's little buddy Kate was there to advise us which peaches were the best ones to pick!

Nora loved "helping" me

We've also spent many days at the library.  They also do a weekly summer movie that we've been to a few times but Nora also likes to go to story time, play on the computer, and look at all the books. 
One evening Cody had a meeting to attend so I decided to take Nora to the botanical gardens just right around the corner from our humble little abode.  It was soooo stinking hot, Nora's hair band broke upon arrival and I had hurt my foot at the gym the day before so this was a less than stellar experience for the both of us.

Poor child looked like a hot and sweaty train wreck but we managed to walk all throughout the park, learn a few things about butterflies, and hobble back to the car without dying.
Only 7 weeks until fall is officially here.....but who's counting!?

Monday, July 31, 2017

Swim Lessons & Shopping Trips

Nora Grace loves the water!  I was so surprised at how comfortable she was in the water during our first few trips to the pool and water park earlier this summer.  So I knew she would love swim lessons and I hoped they would be quite valuable.  We took swim lessons for forty-five minutes, four days a week, for two weeks at Wilson Park.
Day One-Excited to jump in the pool!
Our class consisted of babies all the way up to three year olds but I think there was only one other little girl older than NG.  At the end of class in the big pool every day, the kids were able to play in the one foot deep baby pool and that was definitely NG's favorite part of lessons.
We learned to climb in and out of the pool using the ladder and by sitting on the side of the pool and working our way into the water.  We were told how to kick our legs and use our arms and dig like a puppy to swim.  The instructor also showed the kids how to make a bubble and hold their breath while going under water.  
We also sang songs that involved going under the water and splashing all around.  We enjoyed our few weeks of lessons but she gets better in the water with every trip to the pool just from playing by herself.  I'm already trying to figure out how we'll be able to attend lessons next year since most places I've looked into require a parent in the pool with the three year old and we'll also have a little brother tagging along!
Swim lessons are complete!  We have one happy little fish!
A few weeks ago we went shopping with all of the girls in Cody's family.  Every year the girls meet at Pinnacle Hills for lunch, shopping, dinner, and every thing else that goes along with a big group of girls and tons of kids.  One of Cody's cousins recently moved to another state and  it was the last big hoo-rah for everyone to get together before she moved away.
Nora Grace picked these shoes out herself and was so proud. 
Lucky for me they were a bit big so we didn't have to come home with the glossy, coral colored loafers!
She is constantly wanting to wear my make-up and getting into everything beauty related.  So she of course was a hot mess in Sephora.  And shopping in Bath & Body Works is not much better.....she wants to smell everything!
Cody joined us for dinner at Chuy's after he got off work.  
Cousins and their kiddos.
Girls shopping trip pic!
We also did some shopping one afternoon at one of my most favorite places and thanks to this little set up in the store, NG likes this place too!
This summer is flying by and that is something I am very thankful for.  
I can not wait for all things fall!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Beach Day 5 - Headed Home & Family Pics

Friday morning we ate breakfast and loaded the car to head back to AR  
Nora did so good during the eleven plus hour drive.  We bought her some headphones to go with her ipad before the trip and she thought they were super cool to use.  Between reading, snacking, and watching movies on the ipad, she seemed pretty content the entire ride.
We had to stop at Leatha's BBQ on our way home.  It was another place our friends introduced us to during our vacation last year.  They have seriously the best ribs I've ever had and this pregnant lady was not taking no for an answer when her husband didn't really want to stop!!!  Cody doesn't like ribs and wasn't impressed with his pork sandwhich last year.  But this year, it didn't matter what he ordered, they just brought him what they had available.  We got a good laugh out of our visit to Leatha's........instead of checking with Cody to see what he might like since they were out of what he ordered, they just brought him a plate of smoked sausage.  Which he was totally okay with because we didn't even realize that was on the menu and it was really yummy!!!!

With our bellies full, we were finally able to finish the drive home to Arkansas!

We took some pictures on our last night of vacation that are pretty special to me.  The quality is not spectacular but we used our tripod and my mediocre camera for some and an iphone once we ran out of storage on the camera, ugh.  But I still love them all!

20 weeks at the beach
Nora picked this hat out herself.  I think she has a good eye for fashion, and maybe a career in front of the camera, ha!
I mean look at that pose.
We have picked a boy name and I was writing it in the sand to take a picture and Nora thought she needed her name drawn too!
Can't stop. won't stop. taking pics of this kid!!!
Looking at these pictures is reallllly making me want to get back to the beach!
Nora is going to make a really good big sister......she has started loving on her brother a lot!
She is my little buddy
But she is such a daddy's girl when he's around
Black Family Vacation Photo
This one might be my favorite
Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Hands down best vacation beats all the trips we've made out of the country and it's all because that little two and half year old girl we're so crazy about makes everything more fun!