Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Brooks Three Month Summary

Brooks is three months old!  He is such a good baby....he pretty much only cries when he's hungry or has a gas bubble that's hurting him.  I looked back at Nora Grace's Three Month Summary to see what she was up to at this age.  There are a lot of similarities between the two but the biggest difference is their sleeping habits....I'll get to that in a minute.
But look at he not the cutest!?  Brooks is a very smiley baby.  And he laughs a's so sweet.
Weight: I really have no idea how much B weighs.  I think he's a little bigger than NG was at this age so my guess is maybe twelve pounds?!  He's not what most would consider a chunky baby but he does have a cute little belly!
Length/Height: Again, I have no idea.....his pants are getting a little short so I think maybe he's longer than his sister was so my best guess is 24"
Eyes: Blue-we're a family of blue eyed people!
Hair: Lots of brown hair!
Clothes: He's been wearing 0-3 months but I plan to switch to 3-6 months this week.  Like I said, he seems to be getting too long for his pants.  
Diapers: He wears a size one. He usually poops once a day and it's usually while I'm holding him!
Likes: He loves for us to talk to him.  He always just smiles, laughs, and "talks".  He also loves to watch his big sister.  I left him in his dock a tot this morning while I was getting ready and he started to get a little fussy.  Nora took her ipad and sat by him and he instantly got quiet. 
Dislikes: He does not like when you take his bottle away in the middle of a feeding to get him to burp.  He has this funny little ticked off cry that he only does when you take his bottle away.
Eating: He drinks 4 ounce bottles every three hours during the day (there are times he goes longer if he's taking a good nap or we're in the car)
Sleeping: So Brooks is not as good of a sleeper as his sister! And it's mostly my fault!  He has stayed in our room twice as long as Nora did!  We moved Nora to her room at 6 weeks but I guess I haven't been in a big hurry to move B to his nursery because I'm not working and it's just easier to feed him at night when he's right next to me.  He takes naps really good in his room though!  We feed him a bottle right before we go to bed and we're lucky if he'll sleep for five hours straight.  I feed him his middle of the night bottle and then he'll usually sleep another three hours.  Cody is usually up early to go to the gym anyways so he usually feeds B before or after the gym.  It works out well and neither one of us are totally exhausted from being up with a baby all night.

Milestones:  Brooks rolled from back to belly twice in the same evening a few days ago.  I feel like he's a little young to be rolling over consistently so maybe it was a fluke?  He does seem to be trying to do it again though because you can see him use his feet and body to try and gain momentum but he usually just ends up on his side.  He is very strong.  He likes to stand so he can see all around him and sometimes when he is laying on his back, he will raise his head as if he's trying really hard to sit up.  I think his desire to watch his busy big sister has a lot to do with this.  We tried sitting in the bumbo since he clearly wants to sit up and he enjoyed that.  He also loves to lay on his play mat.  He works really hard to grab the hanging toys.

 These two love each other, like a lot!  She voluntarily took her ipad to sit next to him while he was in his mamaroo.  She just talked and interacted with him and he ate it up!  
And she won't ever leave him alone.  Nora wants to be right next to us when Brooks is eating.  She loves all over him and does things (like making him wear glasses) that I would think would irritate him but he just loves attention from her so he never fusses when she is all up in his space.
And I can't say it enough.....he is just the smiley-est little guy
Brooks truly is such a joy!  We are so happy to have this sweet little boy to love on.

Everyone always ask how Nora likes being a big sister and the answer is.....she loves it!  She regularly says "We can keep him" and we just laugh.  I think she loves him a little more each day, just like the rest of us!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

January wrap-up

As usual, the weather in AR is always unpredictable.  We had a warmish Sunday a week ago that allowed us to spend some time out in the yard.  Nora played in a pile of leaves and thought that was a blast.
She also enjoyed using her Nora sized rake and "helping" in the yard.  We'll see if she thinks yard work is still fun in about 10 years.

And Brooks enjoyed watching sister play in the leaves and having a bottle.  I think this day was really Brooks first time spending any length of time outdoors.  It's been so cold since he was born so we haven't had the opportunity but he seemed to really like being out there and looking all around.

Last week was Spirit week at school.  Nora dressed up like a little old lady for the 100th day of school.
I tried to use make-up to draw on wrinkles but I think it just looked like she had a dirty face.
Mismatch day was next and I always hate picking outfits for this!!!!  I was hoping out of the two days she attends school each week, we would avoid mismatch day!  So the colors of her outfit are somewhat coordinated but the shoes are mismatched!

Brooks received a onesie in the mail from Target several weeks ago.  At first I thought it was because I spend too much money at the store but after reading, I realized they sent it because I had a baby registry there!  
And finally after taking B on his eighth Target run, and before he actually outgrows the onesie, I remembered to snap a picture!
Love me some Target, and my babies!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Church, Snow & A Birthday

January has always seemed to be such a slow month for us but that just isn't true anymore with two kids!  We have taken Brooks to church with us a few times despite all the sickness going around.  He stays with Cody and I in the service and we mostly leave him in the carrier to keep wandering hands off of him!  
Two cuties ready for church
Earlier this month, I went back to the doctor that did my lasik eye surgery in NWA last February.  I had an astigmatism in one of my eyes so I had to have that taken care of. We went as a family to the doctor's office because I needed Cody to drive afterwards and it was such a quick appointment.  I was given a valium and some numbing eye drops and led back to the lasik chair. Dr. V cut a slit in my eye to relieve pressure that had built up in my eye, correcting the astigmatism.  I probably laid on the table less than two minutes, but I was more nervous this time than I was the first procedure last year!  I didn't get a good look at what was going on but I think he cut the slit by hand whereas last time it was all done by a machine so that made me want to squirm a little more.  It was so quick and painless and we were actually able to meet up with friends afterwards for dinner.  My eye felt a little dry and itchy for a few days but the recovery was a breeze! 
We woke up a couple weeks ago to a light dusting of snow!  We didn't realize it was supposed to snow and Nora Grace was soooo excited when she looked out the window.
We dressed the kids warmly and headed outside for a photo opportunity.

Brooks was less than excited about his first snow experience so he didn't stay outside long at all
But Nora Grace loved the snow so she and Cody stayed outside to play in it for awhile.
The snow melted quickly and it was completely gone by early afternoon.  Later that evening we started a fire in the fire pit and had s'mores.

Cody was off on MLK day so we made a trip out of town to do some shopping.  It was fun having a day where most adults were working so stores were less busy than usual.  We laughed while at Sam's because this is life right now......both kids were starving so we had to grab a table and ended up all huddled together on one little bench, passing the baby back and forth while he ate, and trying to convince Nora that cheese pizza is supposed to have cheese on it!
Last week-end we celebrated my mom's birthday at our house.
I don't think she appreciated my creativity with the candle placement on her cake...... I didn't have enough candles for her actual age so I just placed the candles to read "old".
While shopping for Gigi's birthday gift, Nora found this dress and insisted she needed it!  
It's crazy to think the first month of the year is almost over....time flies when you're having fun!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Brooks:One Month & Two Month Summary

Our little baby is already two months old.....10 weeks today if you want to be exact!  Time has flown by.....I swear if I ever have another baby, I will not let its birthday be right before the holidays.  I feel like we lost the first 6 weeks with Brooks because we were always on the go!  
I enjoy comparing the two kiddos milestones ect. so I went back to read about life with Nora Grace those first two months.....
It's funny because the kids both weighed 7 lbs 7 oz at birth and gained weight at the same rate so far. 

3 weeks old and laying on a quilt made by our old neighbor at our rent house.  Mrs. Mollie lived across the street from us and always sent fudge and goodies around the holidays and stitched some special pillow cases when we got married.  She's always loved Cody and was so sad when he left the bank in Clarksville.  Her son is married to Cody's first cousin so she's still in touch and made this little quilt for Brooks....such a sweet lady!
4 weeks old and already making faces.....I call this his "blue steel" face.
So just like big sister, Brooks slowly gained weight.  We were going to our pediatrician's office every few days to check on his four weeks old he weighed  7 lbs 11 oz.  Just 4 oz more than at birth!  Brooks was breastfed at this point and he always nursed as often and as long as he wanted so I was a little disappointed he wasn't gaining be honest, it made me feel like I was failing!
One month old and cute as can be!
Brooks was six weeks old on Christmas day.  The last probably six weeks of my pregnancy, and then those first few weeks of B's life, I had a horrible cough.  It sent me to the ER and to numerous doctors visits.  But I had to start feeling better and was finally prescribed a steroid medication which I started taking just three days before Christmas.  I was told I would have to pump and dump for 10 days so I did that on day one of the medication.  But with every pumping session, my production was less and less.  Brooks started drinking formula (since I didn't have much of a stockpile yet) and when we went for our six weeks shots at six weeks and 2 days, he weighed 8 lbs 13.5 oz.  He had put on quite a bit of weight in just the short time he had been drinking formula!
Brooks got three shots in his little thighs and also an oral medication.  He was such a champ!  I didn't get nearly as emotional as I was with NG.  Nora was with me at this appointment so I couldn't look nervous or upset with her there but I also think since B is a boy, maybe I feel like he's tougher and can handle things better.....I know that seems silly.  Or most likely, it's because he's the second kid and this isn't my first rodeo with shots!  Anyways, he did fine all afternoon and evening, no fussiness or fever at all!
Brooks started smiling at 6 weeks.  He's the most smiley in the mornings or right after he eats.  I don't think he's nearly as smiley as Nora was but he is still a very happy and content little guy.  
Pinching his little cheeks gets a smile every time!
So we got a king size bed while I was still pregnant but it's two twin size tempurpedic mattresses so Cody and I can each sleep at different positions.  I say all this because the crack down the middle of the bed made me really nervous with a new baby on the way.  I knew if Brooks was anything like his sister (and he was) then he would only sleep if we were holding him.  And of course I thought the worst and worried he could get wedged between the mattresses.....I hate even typing that!  I read tons of reviews on the Dock A Tot and went back and forth on whether or not I felt comfortable with owning one. I even deleted it off my baby registry at one point but I finally decided it would be the safest option for our situation.  We keep the Dock A Tot between us in our bed.  We're both able to tend to B when he cries and it seems to be the best scenario for us!  I can easily move the bed to his crib or any other room in the house.  It took several days, maybe even weeks (those first few weeks are such a blur) for B to actually stay in his bed for any length of time.  And I still have to lay my head on the edge of his bed with our foreheads touching and my arm wrapped around him to get him to fall asleep most times.  I know he's a little spoiled but I think it's sweet that he wants to be so close.  I'll miss those moments for sure.  (He usually only requires this when he first lays down for the night but during the middle of the night feedings, he'll usually go right to sleep without all the neediness).  I give the Dock A Tot two thumbs was pricey but worth the money in my opinion.
We moved Nora to her room at six weeks but I am no where ready to send the little guy to his room.  I think I was so ready to move Nora because I knew we needed to get her adjusted and on a schedule since I eventually had to go back to work.  Since I'm now staying home, I'm not in any hurry and B's schedule is slowly developing.  He wakes up once in the wee hours of the morning and I feed him.....we keep a tray of pre-measured bottles filled with water and his formula is already scooped in it's storage container and ready to go on my nightstand.  He drinks his bottle and gets a diaper change and then goes back in his bed for a few more hours.  (We're doing really good if we go five hours at night between feedings)  Cody always wakes up really early in the morning to go to the gym before work so he feeds Brooks before leaving which allows me to get a little more sleep!
Brooks has started taking naps in his crib while laying in the dock a tot this last week.  Spoiled boy definitely prefers to be held while napping!
We finally ran out of newborn size diapers a few days ago which is good because the little man is growing a big belly and those diapers were not fitting anymore!  He is too long for all his newborn clothes so I finally put those away.

Brooks drinks four ounce bottles every three-ish hours during the day and he'll sleep anywhere from 3-5 hours at night between feedings.  
He got a playmat for Christmas that he loves to lay on it and wiggle around.  He talks, but not near as much as his sister did at this age, and he likes to look at lights, fans, and his big sister!  She is always in his face and repeats everything she hears me say to him.  
It's funny how different parenting the first kid and the second are....I was so strict with Nora's schedule and we kept a nightly routine and things were pretty predictable.  But with two kids, we can't even remember when the last time the kids were bathed.  Between the threenager, baby, and two furry children, someone is always needing something.......Nora is asking for candy for the umpteenth time, Brooks is crying because he doesn't want to be in his swing, or the dog is throwing the water bowl around the kitchen because it's empty and she needs a refill.  There's been a few times where our house is just mass chaos, there's a dozen different noises (toddler singing, dogs barking, baby crying) and all I can do is laugh.  I know this (sometimes hard) crazy stage will pass but gosh I will miss it.  These have been the best and happiest days I've ever had!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Years Eve/Day

We really had no intentions of making New Years Eve plans.  With a new baby and threenager, we thought we'd probably stay at home in our stretchy pants and go to bed early.  But one of my friends asked if we wanted to go out for an early dinner, so we did.  We left the kids with Cody's parents and met two other couples for dinner at 5:30!  So that put us home by around nine, in bed by ten, and fast asleep by midnight.  Good times!
My little sweeties all dressed and ready to get the new year started!

The dogs were feeling left out and wanted to be in on the picture taking too.
So Nora has been seeing commercials for Chuck E. Cheese's and saying "I should go there!".  And we had been promising to take her so what better way to start the new year than with a greasy pizza loving mouse!
Prior to going, she kept saying she wanted to see those creepy guys on stage (I guess she had seen them on the commercial).  So that's where we went first.....straight to the creepy animated animals on stage....and Nora was a bad way.  I don't blame her, Chuck and his beady little eyes staring back were creepy.  But I forced her to stand there and let me take their picture together.
Cody sank $20 on coins and it took us fooooorrrrreeeeevvvveeerrrr to play enough games to use all our coins.
At one point Chuck came walking through the game area with a sign that read "Follow me for free coins" (weird, I know), and Nora fa-reaked out.  She took off, bumped her head (it left a bruise), and hid under a table.  I'm one of those good moms though that doesn't want to miss out on any picture worthy moments so I documented it of course.  
He gathered all the kids around him and led them all in a little dance party.  Nora stood in the back of the group and enjoyed dancing with Chuck from afar.
Although Cody would deny it until his death, I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself and playing all the racing games.
It's pretty amazing that we all left that cesspool and didn't end up with the flu or any other ailments.  And now NG is already asking when we can go back, ugh!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Christmas Decor

I'm going to admit that I'm over here eating my words!  Last year when posting pictures of my Christmas decor, I claimed that 2016 would be the last time I put Christmas decor out in this house (see here) and that didn't quite pan out.  Although I was perfectly happy being in this house this Christmas, since we were all under the same roof, I never saw that coming!
So five days postpartum, I was feeling super ambitious and had Cody drag in all the totes of Christmas decor.  He put up the tree for me and I started to work on the mantle.  Then my stomach reminded me of the trauma it had gone through five days prior and I decided to let an un-decorated tree sit in my living room for a few days until I felt up to throwing the ornaments on it!
We put the tree up on the opposite side of the mantle than we usually do so it would be more visible and not so cramped in the space leading to our bedroom.  I didn't buy a single new ornament for the tree or piece of decor other than the red and white blanket thrown over the chair.  A three year old and newborn didn't allow me to get out and shop like I would have liked to.  And I'm banking on this being our last year in this year (but I won't hold my breath) so I didn't want to buy stuff and then not need it in a future home.
Most everything looked the same as years prior.....the mini wreaths on the kitchen windows are still some of my favorites and I moved the star from the mantle to the barn door this year.
I put the little tree with my grandma's ornaments next to the coffee pot again and the Christmas card tree was in the same spot as always.
The wreaths on my office doors....same as always.
Brooks' mammaroo is in the living room where I usually put my little forest (as Cody calls it).  So I had to split the trees up and put two in our master bedroom and I put one in B's room.  

Nora did pick out a few new ornaments for her tree during a trip to Wal-Mart.  And she decorated her tree herself so a few branches were heavy with ornaments and it was completely uneven.  But I thought that made it so sweet.

She gave Brooks some of the ornaments from her tree that she didn't want anymore and did the decorating for him too.

Nora brought home a little baby Jesus ornament she had made at school and was eager to hang it on Brooks' tree.  She told me that he needed to have Jesus with him since she already had Jesus in her heart.
I love those sweet unexpected moments!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

One More Christmas Celebration

We celebrated Christmas with my dad the week-end after Christmas.  We went to his house for lunch, presents, and family Olympics.
All the grand kids with Grand dad and Mimi T
They all got monster house shoes but Nora's favorite gift was her Dream tent!

So we split into two teams and played a few "olympic" games.  
In this game, we had to make reindeer antlers out of balloons and panty hose.  My sister, dad, and I are all super competitive but we found ourselves on the same (winning) team so that was one ended up mad at each other, ha!!!

Brooks also got to meet his cousin Mira.....they're three months apart.

The holidays came and went so fast!!!!  After posting pictures of our house decorated for Christmas, I will be all caught up with the holiday season posts and ready to give an update on the baby boy!