Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Baby Shower for Brooks

A few of my friends gave me the sweetest little shower to welcome our baby boy.  Everything was perfect......
The shower was held at my friend Krista's aunt's house.
 She did a lot of the set-up/decor and it was all so cute.  The food was all super yummy!

 The weather was great and we were able to be outside and enjoy Terri's beautiful back porch!
We received a ton of super cute boy stuff!  I am so excited about all the outfits, blankets, and cute stuff we got!!!

The hostesses, Shay and Krista
Big sister even received a few gifts.  She was so proud of this shirt my friend Jennifer gave her.  
A lot of family from both mine and Cody's side were able to be there to celebrate this special day!

I really enjoyed watching Nora get excited as she helped me open presents for her little brother!  

 It was so fun to have several friends join in the celebration!
 These next two girls in pictures came from Russellville to celebrate
And sweet baby Macy Kate came too!
Nora tickled her toes and she just loves to look and play with all babies right now.  I really hope she likes little bro as much as all the other babies she's seen lately.

We are pretty much set and ready for the little guy to arrive!  
His room is not completely still needs a few things hung on the walls.  But he has clothes, diapers, pacifiers, and tons of swaddles so we.are.ready!
Better pack a bag soon!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Spirit Week and Appointments

Spirit Week took place a few weeks ago but we only participated two days since Nora isn't in school full time this year!
She dressed up for hat and shades day and was adorable!

Her class....
And we sort of dressed up for mismatch day!  I haaaate mismatch day.  I almost didn't even let her participate because it killed me so much to pick something out but I didn't want to be that one mom with the kid in the group picture that was unprepared!
She wore two different polka dot bows and two different Nike shoes.  And I may have sent one of the other matching shoes in her back pack just in case she couldn't tolerate the mistmatchy-ness!
Cody used to play a little golf before fatherhood!  He had a few upcoming golfing events so he pulled his clubs out of the garage and had to show Nora had it's done.  Or maybe she was the one giving him a few tips?!
Nora had her first actual dentist appointment a few weeks ago.  My dentist had briefly looked at her teeth several months ago but this was her first actual visit.  The waiting room took her mind off her nerves!
They cleaned her teeth and she did soooo good.  I was impressed at how still she was and so cooperative!
She had also developed a pretty yucky cough that had lingered a little too long so I called our pediatrician and we were able to schedule an appointment for that morning as well.
Nora got a flu shot while we were there so she'll be all healthy and ready when baby brother arrives!  She did soooo good while getting her shot too!

She has grown up sooo much over the last few months!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Apples & Pumpkins

A few week-ends ago, we went to a small local pumpkin patch, Cox Berry Farm, to pick apples and take pictures with pumpkins.  Nora loved the photo opportunties.
It was a very hot day for the pumpkin patch!!!
But she managed to look cute and pose for a few pictures.
We then drove over to the apple orchard and scoured the trees for apples.  The crop was not good this year as the owner said earlier during the year, we had too much rain and they weren't able to keep the plants covered in pesticides therefore they were all eaten up by bugs!

Nora was so over the apple picking and I was wondering why I thought picking apples in the heat during the third trimester was a good idea!?
Later that evening we went to Drewry Farm in Dover for more pumpkin patch fun.
They had animals to visit,

more pumpkins to take pictures with,

a hayride,
(dad had to keep her self from those scary looking cows we passed)
and a showing of Charlie Brown's The Great Pumpkin

The next day we peeled apples we picked at the orchard.  Nora spread the scraps around the yard for the deer to eat as a snack!
And we made some delicious apple crisp and glazed cinnamon apples to top our "healthy" pancakes.
This girl loves to help in the kitchen so we've got a few Halloween treats we plan to whip up soon!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

September Celebrations

We started the month of September celebrations with a Sip and See for my friend Shay and her new little guy Luke.
Krista and I kept the menu and decor pretty simple.  Since they're peach farmers, we went with a farmer theme and did brunch type foods.
The sip and see was at our house and since it was for NG's bestie's little brother, she got to stay for the event!  Nora and Kate had fun playing together and they even received gifts too!  Shay's mom got the girls matching Razorback shirts and some candy!
Can not wait to add one more little guy to this group!
It's been fun this pregnancy to again have friends who can relate.  At one time, all four of us were pregnant at the same time.....and of course we didn't plan to all do this together but so happy it happened this way!  
Next up, a celebration at the park for Nora's cousin Millie.  She had cake and a pinata so Nora thought it was fun.  
Some of the kiddos at the party.
Later that evening we went to dinner at Colton's to celebrate my birthday.
The next day we went to Charlotte's Trolls themed party.  She received a little pig from an uncle and had a pinata!  So I'm pretty sure we're going to have to find Nora a pinata for her party next month, and hopefully she won't ask for a pet pig too!

So my birthday was on a Friday this year and I planned on spending the day being lazy with Nora at home.  But the night before, our two little dogs got sprayed by a skunk!  It was awful, Cody let them back in the house before realizing they had been sprayed so the stink went everywhere!  We threw the dogs back outside and Cody ran to the store to get de-skunk shampoo, vinegar, and a few other supplies.  We stayed up late doing as much damage control as possible and then I got to start my birthday with a rug doctor on the front porch cleaning our living room rug.  I spent most of the day covering every inch of the house with lysol spray and whatever else I could think of to get rid of the stench. 
I felt sorry for the dogs......their little eyes were all swollen and you could tell they were even more miserable than the rest of us!  They were perfectly fine the next day though, still a little stinky, but no longer in pain!
Cody had made arrangements for Nora that evening so we could go to dinner kid-less but I was in a horrible mood all morning and really didn't feel like celebrating my birthday at all.  BUT, that afternoon the dealership finally delivered our new car and things started to turn around!
(I didn't actually get a new car for my birthday, it just happened to work out that it was delivered on that day!)  Cody and I went to dinner at my favorite and then saw a movie.
We celebrated with Cody's family with dinner at Colton's (Pregnancy cravings for peanuts, rolls, and their sweet peach tea!) and then I had lunch with friends a few days later.  The final celebration was dinner at my dads and he made ribs, another favorite!!! 
Birthdays as an adult are just not near as exciting as they used to be, but they're not all bad when the celebrating last for two weeks!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

New Beginnings

So when we moved back to Clarksville, we jumped right into a new reality.  I was able to enroll Nora back in the preschool she previously attended.  She talked all summer about wanting to go back to school and see her friends and we kept telling her, "we're going to find you a new school and you'll make new friends" and she wasn't happy about that.  So I was thrilled that she was going back to the school she loves so much!
She is only going two days a week.  I miss her when she is at school but it's nice to have the chance to run to the grocery store alone and get things done around the house.  I've been able to schedule my doctors' appointments while she is at school and I know once the baby gets here, it will be nice to have days at home with just the little guy.  Plus, she loooooves going to school and asks most days if she gets to go.  She has already blown me away when I ask what she's learned at school that day. 

We also enrolled in gymnastics classes.  I miss the dance class we were in before moving but we're just doing one activity at a time right now so we don't get too busy and overwhelmed!
  Nora practices what she's learned at home and she loves wearing her leotard and going to class
especially since her bestie is in class with her.

We've also been able to have playdates with friends!
We had lunch and went to Pottery Worx with Laiken. 

Nora picked out a puppy dog and painted it blue.  I've had several people ask if she painted it for baby brother but the answer is no!  Her favorite color is blue and she loves puppy dogs, ha!  She gets upset if you suggest we put the dog in her brother's room.

Football season is here and I'm so excited to dress this girl for the games!  I'm not sure that there's really much else to look forward to with our team this year, maybe the game day foods too?!
We went to some friends house to watch the first game of the season and Nora had a blast playing outside.  They have chickens, kittens, a playhouse, and we even got to go on a ride around their land.
We are so happy to be back in school and being able to see all our friends often!