Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Week-end

 So before starting on this post, I went back and read my Mother's Day posts from the last two years....
It's crazy how much Nora has changed each year.  She somewhat understood that Mother's Day was a special day for me and she had to be extra nice all day. I asked her last week if she was going to take me to dinner for Mother's Day and she said "No, I'm gonna get you donuts with daddy".  Cody and I cracked up when she said that because we really don't make frequent trips for donuts but I guess she had a craving!
My mother's day requests were to eat lunch at my favorite restaurant and get a pedicure.  
After lunch on Saturday, we took Nora for her first "pedicure".  All they actually did for her was rinse her little feet off and paint her toes.  She noticed my massage chair and wanted hers to massage her back too.  She was hilarious and loved the experience.
Pedicures with my girl were the highlight of the week-end.  We held hands and she grinned so big as the lady was painting her toes. Looking forward to many more pedicures with this girl!
Nora made a super cute craft at school which made me laugh because I can just hear her saying the response she made to her teacher.  
Saturday evening we ate dinner with Cody's family to celebrate his mom and then the entire family came to our house for ice cream.

We went to my mom's house for lunch on Sunday

And later that afternoon, we went by my grandparents' graves to put flowers and a flag out.  Nora was with me at the store when we bought the flag and she of course wanted to carry it all around and play with it.  I tried to explain that it was for Papa Ben and not a toy.  When we arrived at the cemetery, I told Nora where to put the flag and she kept asking to go to Papa Ben's house.  We tried to explain to her that Grandma Jewell and Papa Ben were in Heaven and so then she asked where's Heaven.  We answered that it was way off above the clouds and she said she couldn't see it.  Cody pulled his phone out and showed Nora the picture of when she was just a few days old and Grandma Jewell was meeting her for the first time and she claimed to remember that, ha! 
I still miss my grandparents so much and wish more than anything that I could take Nora by their house for a visit.  I know they would adore her and she would make them laugh!

So as I was reading my Mother's Day post from last year, I was reminded of the promise I made to myself to not only teach Nora words, colors, and shapes.  But most importantly to teach Nora all about God.  Lately, she's been scared to sleep in her room alone so we've been telling her she is brave because Jesus lives in her heart.  She has made us so proud when she remembers those lessons and wakes up after sleeping all through the night without waking up scared.  We said "you slept good last night, didn't you" and she said "Yes, because Jesus is in my heart!"

And that is why I love being a mom!

Friday, May 12, 2017

A Disney Filled Week-end

Nora's spring dance recital was last week.  The theme was "The Magical World of Dance" and each song was from a Disney movie.    Nora's class did not attend the rehearsal before her recital last December and she had a mini meltdown on stage before the recital started.  So I requested we be at rehearsal this year to get them familiar with the stage.....and she took things very seriously!
She loves the stage and actually wanted to get back up there after her turn was over.
Nora let me curl her hair and then she asked for red lips like mommas so of course I had to share my lipstick with her.  And she may have worn blush too......I know, she's way too young for make-up but it was a special occasion and she is my little doll.
Her class backstage on recital night!
The girls danced to "Hey Mickey" for their ballet routine
 and "Minnie's Boutique" for tap.
I didn't catch it on video or even see this happen, but Cody said that after Nora's first performance she took it upon herself to bow at the audience.
NG has a big obsession with flowers right now and she was soooo excited to receive her bouquet after she danced.
We are so proud of our little dancer!
Nora's cousin Millie was also in the recital this time.
A picture with cousins
Cody's family left before group pictures so here's the little dancer's fans from my side of the family.
After the recital we all went to dinner and then asked cousin Naomi to spend the night with us.
These two stayed up till 11 and then were up the next morning at 6:30.  I think they were both excited about our trip to Little Rock for Disney on Ice!
I purchased our tickets back in January, the day they went on sale, and the closest seats I could get were on the fifth row.  We had to buy a new Elsa gown for the show and Nora looked forward to wearing this dress for dayyyyys.

We snagged our seats and the cotton candy salesman came by so we offered to get some for the girls. And then we couldn't back out when he said it was $15.....but at least it came with a cool Olaf hat, ha!
Cody was getting his moneys worth out of that thing!
Queen Elsa had a big day and was exhausted after all the excitement!
Sweet cousins
It sure is fun having a little girl!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rainy Week-ends

We have had so much rain lately and then I thought we were finally going to get a break but I'm sitting here typing this in the pouring down rain!!!  Oh well, we don't have any plans that the rain is disturbing so I'm enjoying it!
But a few week-ends ago, we had a trip to Silver Dollar City planned (which our plans were rained out the month before) and the forecast was not looking good.  We kept a close on the rain chances but decided to brave the weather and make a day trip to Branson anyways.  
Nora Grace has never had so much fun at SDC than on this trip.  She rode all the rides, appropriate for her age, and just squealed, laughed, and had the best time.  
The Lucky the dalmation ride was her favorite.
But she didn't want to pose with Lucky for a picture by herself just yet!
Of course she had a blast in the ball area, as usual.  She has figured out how to operate the guns and enjoyed shooting the foam balls towards mom!
Dressed in rainboots and raincoat, she was ready for whatever weather came our way!
Family train ride
A quick trip through Grandfather's mansion which she was not a fan of, and neither was I.
The following week Cody and I both had doctors appointments so Nora got to spend some time at her grandparents' houses!  I had a biopsy done one afternoon (which the doctor's office just called today and it came back cancer free!!!!)  and Cody had a procedure done the next day and also received good results.  All of the doctors' visits lately have made us start to feel really old!
But Nora didn't mind the time away from us at all......she got to have a sleepover with one of her cousins one evening and then talked her great grandma into letting her ride a horse before the storms rolled in later that evening!
I helped host a shower for one of my friends Melissa as she is expecting her second little girl later this month!
Can't wait to meet Macy Kate!  Is she not the cutest little pregnant person!?
The weather finally cleared up Sunday afternoon and we were able to enjoy some family time on the trail!
Here's to a rainy night indoors and hopefully more catching up on things such as the blog and my dvr recordings!!!

Monday, May 1, 2017


Easter was so much fun this year.....I loved seeing pictures of everyone else's family all dressed in their Easter attire and I took an abundance of photos over the Easter week-end so be prepared!
Nora Grace had an Easter party and egg hunt at school on Thursday.  We had the cutest little outfit handed down to us and I wish I would have taken a close up to show the cuteness.
I was able to take off work and attend the party at school and help her hunt eggs!
She wanted to open each egg and sample what was inside.  She was all about quality over quantity.
The director of preschool evened out each basket during nap time so each kid came home with the same amount of eggs.  And I want to know who stuffs plastic eggs with peppermints for preschool kids?  Geez
So glad the school lets mommas come and be part of these experiences with their kids!
School was out on Friday so Nora and her buddy Kate stayed at our house with the sitter.  They got to have their own little egg hunt in our yard!
Saturday morning we dyed Easter eggs and I realized I'm a control freak.  (I already knew that but I kind of just wanted to do the egg dying myself and have Nora watch.  You know, so things weren't so messy and chaotic)
Then we made sugar cookies in the shapes of bunnies and carrots and I realized I'm still a control freak.  But Nora had so much "helping" and I'm hoping these little projects will get easier every year as NG gets older.
Saturday evening we went to dinner with friends and then had sno-cones at the park.
Sunday morning we attended church with Cody's parents and then had to take pictures and give Nora her basket afterwards because we of course were running late!
Prior to arriving at church, I told Nora the Easter bunny would probably be there and she was totally on board with getting her picture made with him.  Until she saw him in real life and she was not bargaining with me at all for a photo.  Rather than make her scream bloody murder at church, I will settle with these adorable pictures for this year!
Yes, even the furry kids get baskets...they always have and always will!
These three......
After church we went to my mom's for lunch. 
The kiddos hunted eggs
And then we wrapped up the day at my dad's house.  Nora got another basket (that makes three this year) and was over the moon excited about her new flashlight!
We had so much fun celebrating Easter this year but most importantly, Nora learned a huge lesson!
As we were leaving church, she showed us the craft they made with Jesus on a Popsicle stick and He moved up and down through a hole in a gray cup (which we figured signifies the tomb).  As Nora would move Jesus out of the cup, she yelled "Jesus is Alive!"   Her class at school had been talking about Jesus being alive the week before and then she heard the story again at church and she still randomly shouts "Jesus is Alive!"  I pray she is always this excited about God!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

More Parties!

The week-end before Easter we had more birthday celebrating to do.  But first, these two kiddos enjoyed sno-cones and a quick trip to the park.  
When told to pose for a picture these days, Nora puts her hands on her hips......this is her version of that anyways.  
We celebrated my dad and oldest niece, Miriam's, birthdays.
Nora loved dessert
I asked Cody to withdrawal some cash to give Miriam and he asked if he could get it all in pennies.  I love to mess with her (she's 17 now so it's easy to irritate her) but I thought that was a little cruel.  So he opted for rolls of quarters and nickels instead. 
What do expect from a banker uncle?
The next day we went to Laiken's house to celebrate her third birthday!  I feel like NG is being deprived as a child.....Laiken has a swingset, sand tables, play house and slide in her backyard.  All we have is a dangerous cliff in the front yard and a rock wall in the back.  
I tried getting a picture of NG with the birthday girl but she was too busy eating cotton candy.
She was in heaven!
That evening we went to the movies to see Boss Baby.  Nora had been freaking out every time a commercial came on for the movie and she thought it was great.  She keeps asking to go see it again but neither of us cared for it so she'll have to wait to it comes to the redbox!
We thought Sunday would be a relaxing, laid back day at the house.  I went to watch Grease at the high school with my friend Shay during naptime.  Once NG woke up, they went to Cody's parents house to visit while I made a trip to the grocery store.  We planned to stay home all evening and be lazy and then Nora started screaming and running around in pain.  Each episode lasted a few seconds, then she seemed fine.  We tried a bath, we let her drink cranberry juice, we put an ice pack on her boo boo and nothing seemed to be helping.  She seemed to be getting worse and it was getting close to bedtime but I wasn't sure how we would ever make it through the night at this rate.  So we decided to throw some shoes on, jump in the car, and make a VERY quick trip to Urgent care in Russellville.  We walked in just a few minutes before the doors locked and they closed.
Nora refused to use the bathroom most of the afternoon/evening (because of the pain) but once we arrived at the doctor's office, she started going in her pull-up.....which we had just put on before leaving the house.... because our original plan was to be in bed at this time! 
After several attempts to use the potty, we were finally able to bribe the toddler and she gave the doctors the results they needed!
A trip to urgent care was not at all how we wanted to wrap up our week-end but we were just glad our little girl felt some relief and was able to start the next week on a healthy and happy note!