Tuesday, April 18, 2017

More Parties!

The week-end before Easter we had more birthday celebrating to do.  But first, these two kiddos enjoyed sno-cones and a quick trip to the park.  
When told to pose for a picture these days, Nora puts her hands on her hips......this is her version of that anyways.  
We celebrated my dad and oldest niece, Miriam's, birthdays.
Nora loved dessert
I asked Cody to withdrawal some cash to give Miriam and he asked if he could get it all in pennies.  I love to mess with her (she's 17 now so it's easy to irritate her) but I thought that was a little cruel.  So he opted for rolls of quarters and nickels instead. 
What do expect from a banker uncle?
The next day we went to Laiken's house to celebrate her third birthday!  I feel like NG is being deprived as a child.....Laiken has a swingset, sand tables, play house and slide in her backyard.  All we have is a dangerous cliff in the front yard and a rock wall in the back.  
I tried getting a picture of NG with the birthday girl but she was too busy eating cotton candy.
She was in heaven!
That evening we went to the movies to see Boss Baby.  Nora had been freaking out every time a commercial came on for the movie and she thought it was great.  She keeps asking to go see it again but neither of us cared for it so she'll have to wait to it comes to the redbox!
We thought Sunday would be a relaxing, laid back day at the house.  I went to watch Grease at the high school with my friend Shay during naptime.  Once NG woke up, they went to Cody's parents house to visit while I made a trip to the grocery store.  We planned to stay home all evening and be lazy and then Nora started screaming and running around in pain.  Each episode lasted a few seconds, then she seemed fine.  We tried a bath, we let her drink cranberry juice, we put an ice pack on her boo boo and nothing seemed to be helping.  She seemed to be getting worse and it was getting close to bedtime but I wasn't sure how we would ever make it through the night at this rate.  So we decided to throw some shoes on, jump in the car, and make a VERY quick trip to Urgent care in Russellville.  We walked in just a few minutes before the doors locked and they closed.
Nora refused to use the bathroom most of the afternoon/evening (because of the pain) but once we arrived at the doctor's office, she started going in her pull-up.....which we had just put on before leaving the house.... because our original plan was to be in bed at this time! 
After several attempts to use the potty, we were finally able to bribe the toddler and she gave the doctors the results they needed!
A trip to urgent care was not at all how we wanted to wrap up our week-end but we were just glad our little girl felt some relief and was able to start the next week on a healthy and happy note!

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