Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Week-end

 So before starting on this post, I went back and read my Mother's Day posts from the last two years....
It's crazy how much Nora has changed each year.  She somewhat understood that Mother's Day was a special day for me and she had to be extra nice all day. I asked her last week if she was going to take me to dinner for Mother's Day and she said "No, I'm gonna get you donuts with daddy".  Cody and I cracked up when she said that because we really don't make frequent trips for donuts but I guess she had a craving!
My mother's day requests were to eat lunch at my favorite restaurant and get a pedicure.  
After lunch on Saturday, we took Nora for her first "pedicure".  All they actually did for her was rinse her little feet off and paint her toes.  She noticed my massage chair and wanted hers to massage her back too.  She was hilarious and loved the experience.
Pedicures with my girl were the highlight of the week-end.  We held hands and she grinned so big as the lady was painting her toes. Looking forward to many more pedicures with this girl!
Nora made a super cute craft at school which made me laugh because I can just hear her saying the response she made to her teacher.  
Saturday evening we ate dinner with Cody's family to celebrate his mom and then the entire family came to our house for ice cream.

We went to my mom's house for lunch on Sunday

And later that afternoon, we went by my grandparents' graves to put flowers and a flag out.  Nora was with me at the store when we bought the flag and she of course wanted to carry it all around and play with it.  I tried to explain that it was for Papa Ben and not a toy.  When we arrived at the cemetery, I told Nora where to put the flag and she kept asking to go to Papa Ben's house.  We tried to explain to her that Grandma Jewell and Papa Ben were in Heaven and so then she asked where's Heaven.  We answered that it was way off above the clouds and she said she couldn't see it.  Cody pulled his phone out and showed Nora the picture of when she was just a few days old and Grandma Jewell was meeting her for the first time and she claimed to remember that, ha! 
I still miss my grandparents so much and wish more than anything that I could take Nora by their house for a visit.  I know they would adore her and she would make them laugh!

So as I was reading my Mother's Day post from last year, I was reminded of the promise I made to myself to not only teach Nora words, colors, and shapes.  But most importantly to teach Nora all about God.  Lately, she's been scared to sleep in her room alone so we've been telling her she is brave because Jesus lives in her heart.  She has made us so proud when she remembers those lessons and wakes up after sleeping all through the night without waking up scared.  We said "you slept good last night, didn't you" and she said "Yes, because Jesus is in my heart!"

And that is why I love being a mom!

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