Thursday, September 7, 2017

August Randomness

August was a veryyyy busy month for us!  I have all kinds of pictures to post and some explaining to do!  But first, I'm just going to post random photos from last month.  
I worked for hours four week-ends in a row to prepare everything for Rhea Lana's in NWA.  I had not really purged baby girl stuff at all and it was time to get rid of all the pink and glitter since we have a little guy on the way and his closet was filled with big sister's toys and clothes. Luckily one afternoon my mom was working in the area and was able to go to drop off with me.  We were there a few hours tagging everything and putting it on the racks and I was sooo happy to have some help!
After dinner we met up with Cody for dinner on the patio at Apple Blossom Brewing
I sold at least three fourths of all our stuff and the things left are either being donated or going to the Russellville RL.  It took me a lot less time to prepare for this event!

We made a trip to the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks during one of their Tuesday evening free events.  Nora loves visiting the butterfly house and looking all around.
My mom was in town for work this night also so she went with us.

Nora got to ride in her first parade several weeks ago with her great grandparents as they were the grand marshals of the parade.
I was so sad to miss this but had plans with friends.
Nora didn't mind though because she got to ride in the front of the truck with Gigi and throw out candy.
A whole lot more of our busy August is coming soon........

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